What Do Women Over 50 Want?

By Marianne Clyde

I know what I want. But how can you quantify what 57,000,000 women over 50 want? And that’s just in the United States. I see articles about what women want in a man, about how they want to be treated in the workplace and what they want to wear…but I think it’s impossible to make generalizations on a grand scale.

Having said that, I just spoke to a beautiful woman going on 60 who has been focused on her children and making a fabulous loving home for them for all those years. But like so many others, she is feeling guilty for finally thinking she would like to focus on what SHE actually wants for a change.

She loved her years being a hands on mom and grandma. She adores her family. That’s where she got her sense of identity for so many years. And it’s difficult now to really switch gears and remember that she made a huge difference in the lives of her kids…she’s raised a beautiful family…but now finds herself asking WHAT’S NEXT?

While I can’t say they EVERY woman over 50 is asking this question, but I have to say almost every one of them that I have spoken to finds herself with that question looming large in her mind at some point or other.

I am reminded that baby boomers are the largest segment of society in the U.S. and the most prosperous. We have an enormous amount of power and influence. It’s such a great opportunity to encourage one another to really consider where their strengths lie and what fulfills them. What do they love and how can they make a difference?

Because once we figure that out and live the rest of our lives on purpose instead of “because we ‘have to’,“ we will ultimately be giving a gift to the next generations, empowering them to live their lives on purpose as well.

When we are all fulfilled and happy, focused on our purpose rather that all the divisiveness and hatred that seems to weigh down the energy on the planet these days, everyone will begin to see that we are all one big community, just “walking each other home.” [Ram Dass]

But of course that’s what I want. How about you?

One great option that will help you answer your “WHAT NEXT?” question is to sign up for our Signature workshop, YOUR AMAZING LIFE PLAN. It helps you clarify your vision for the future, make a plan and take the necessary steps to accomplish what you set out to accomplish with the help of a supportive community.

Action Step: Sit down for a few minutes and allow yourself to dream…what would it look like if I really could be or do anything I want? We can help you make that happen.

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