Morning coffee

My day started as it usually does. My two lovely labs woke me up at 5 am. Really! I wonder how they know exactly what time it is…it’s eerie! Anyway, this morning I just wanted to roll over and get a few more winks, but they were not having any of that! So, I fed them, took them for their walks. The walks happen one at a time these days since both of them together weigh as much as I do and if they start pulling…well, it’s easy to do a nose dive.

I really do love getting up early, it’s so quiet and peaceful.

This morning, though, I was a little sluggish and kind of sleepwalked through the dog walks. So, just to get a jump on things I grabbed a Keurig pod and started a cup of coffee while I continued sleepwalking through the morning routine. After their walk, each dog gets a Dasuquin (for their joints)…they are aging just like I am! And then a Greenie to clean their teeth…all normal boring routine stuff.

When I was finished, I reached to the coffee maker to get my cup of coffee and it wasn’t there. Did I put it in the sitting room, where I usually do my morning meditation practice? I walked over to look. Nope. Did I put it somewhere in the kitchen? On a counter? Dining room table? Bathroom? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. Yikes, this aging memory thing is real.

And then I saw it. Not the cup. Just the coffee. Barely overflowed onto the counter. Geez.

I made my cup of coffee alright, just forgot the cup! Thank goodness that Keurig had the foresight to make an overflow dish that can hold almost exactly 10 ounces! Pretty genius I’d say. They know who their target market is.

Fortunately I didn’t have much to clean up since very little spilled over, then I started the process all over again.

This time with an actual mug.

Ok. But NOW, I begin to wonder what kind of a day I’m in for.

THEN I remembered that my mistakes don’t decide what kind of day I’m going to have. I DO.

And I’m going to have a great day, full of humor (obviously) and full of fun creativity, and my 10,000 steps around Alligator Alley and being grateful that I am connected to this fabulous community of women, who also sometimes might forget to put their mug under the coffee dripper!

Here’s to being human. Cheers.

Action step: Take a deep breath when something upsets you today, find the humor in it, and choose your own direction for the rest of the day.


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