You really are Stardust

By Marianne Clyde

You are a star and I have proof!

This might sound crazy but I’ve had this obsession with Orion (the constellation) since I was a young mom. It only grows stronger with age. And it has everything to do with YOU.

I am drawn to him for several reasons:

  • He is visible from every country and he brings a sense and belonging and peace to me no matter where I am in the world.
  • He contains some very bright well known stars.
  • His right shoulder is predicted to become a Supernova (a star that burns brightest as its life ebbs away.
  • One of the stars in his sword, hanging from his belt is actually a nebula (which is where new stars are created.)
  • His stars create a picture of a warrior to us on earth and yet they are from great distances away from each other in lightyears.

So as I consider how this Warrior is composed of so many stars from all over the universe and yet creates such an empowering sight to earth, I observe that women have similar characteristics to this constellation.

When we burn brightly, like stars, and connect with one another to create our own constellation, we are visible from great distances. When we reach out to one another and empower each other to become supernovas at this time in our lives, we ignite that flame in one another and create new stars by our example.

We are like this famous constellation in these ways:

  • According to scientists, we are created from stardust that comes from the same elements from real supernovas over the course of billions of years. So we come from the same stuff as stars.
  • The iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones. NASA says that “nearly all of the elements in our bodies were forged in the fiery hearts and death throes of stars.”
  • We should be shining our brightest in the latter years of our lives, just like a Supernova.
  • As we do that, and inspire others to do the same, we are truly giving birth to new stars.
  • And as we connect with others around the world, burning brightly, we create a constellation of light and power that creates such beauty that we raise the level of consciousness on the earth.
  • You really are a star! And here, you didn’t think you were special.

Action Step: Those dreams you have inside of you need to be clarified and a plan put in place to burn your brightest as you age. No one else but YOU can do that, but we can help.

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