You Can’t Fly if You Don’t Jump

You have a great idea. Awesome. You know it’s a great idea. But you’re just not sure if you should take action.

The answer is YES. Your ideas are uniquely you. They are an extension of the thoughts, ideas, skills and dreams inside of you.

The truth is you have the potential to influence a life or many lives. People are looking for inspiration. They are looking for ways to overcome fear and live their best life. It could just be that you living your dream could inspire them to live theirs. That’s what Isn’t She Amazing is all about!

The main question is not whether it will “succeed” or not, but whether you are living from your true identity and maximizing your potential. Your true identity, connected to the creator of the universe, the source of life, is one of abundance, joy and creativity.

If you are living from a place of fear: worried about what people think, fluctuating between if it is a good idea or bad idea, concerned about whether you will be able to do all that it takes to keep your dream alive, then you will never take that first step and your idea dies on the vine.

Experts say that you have anywhere from 10,000- 60,000 thoughts per day. I have to believe that at least a couple of them are about fabulous ideas that need to be made manifest. When you take action, you are priming the pump for your creativity to become even stronger. You are setting the stage so you can discern between one idea and the next. You are creating a situation in which you will learn something, which is never a waste of time, and possibly inspire someone.

When I jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. It just all started with an idea. I saw a friend post some photos of her jump and thought that it looked like fun. I looked into it, did a little research and decided that I could really get some first hand knowledge and inspiration from such a move. Was it terrifying sitting on the edge of an open door of a small aircraft? Yes. Was there a huge risk associated with what I was about to do? Of course. Was there a possibility of gaining a powerful insight into life and adventure and risk taking? Absolutely.

I actually thought before I jumped, “Well, if I end up in the arms of God, at least I was flying,” and I took the leap.

In skydiving or in life, you can’t fly if you don’t jump.

So here’s why you should take the leap by taking action on your idea:

  1. You just might inspire someone.

  2. No one else has your exact idea, so if you don’t act on it, you are depriving the world of your unique footprint.

  3. If it doesn’t turn out as you hoped, you will at least learn something which will help you with your next idea.

  4. You are priming the pump by taking action, so that creative ideas will flow more freely.

  5. Because you only get one shot at life. Why not live it?

Action step for today: What has been on your mind that you’d like to try? Just Google about how to start and see what you find out. (Whatever you do, don’t ask anyone’s permission…most people or more scared that you are!)


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