What I’m Old??

So, this week started out with an unexpected twist. I was preparing for my week on Sunday night and as I was updating my calendars (now that is an entirely different blog), I decided that I would treat myself to a nice warm cup of tea in preparation for bedtime.

I put some water into the tea kettle. Should I mention the tea kettle that I hate? I need to digress for a minute. Years ago, my husband bought me this, I think, Japanese iron tea kettle, it’s heavy as anything and it DOES NOT make a whistling sound when the water is boiling. Every time I use the darn thing I think, “I need to get rid of this thing” but I have not because my husband put so much thought into buying “the gift” and it’s part of a set of cute iron teacups and a bamboo tray. Teacups and a tray that I have NEVER used!

So, anyway, after what has been, I’m sure at least ½ an hour after I have put the water in the tea kettle to boil, I hop up from my desk to make my cup of tea. I grab one of my cute teacups that I’ve been saving to use, I’m not sure when, because again I buy these cute cups and then I go back to using the same cup that I use for my coffee and this nice, cute stuff that just sits for years and years, waiting for” a special time” to be used. Recently I’ve realized if not now WHEN??

Anyway, when I go to pour the water into my cup, nothing, Nada, zippo, all the water has evaporated. Ugh, I think, “Now I have to start this all over.”  I could use the microwave to heat my water, but I’ve heard that the hot water could explode on you, so I think I’ll pass. It’s almost bedtime and like I used to tell my boys, I don’t have time to go to the emergency room tonight, (from an exploding cup of hot water), Or do I???

So, without thinking that I have a hot iron kettle, I go to add water into it and WHOA, a ton of steam comes out because this kettle has been setting without water in it for who know how long and the steam hits my left hand.  Crap, crap, crap that HURT!

Even with this happening I’m still focused on synchronizing my darn calendars and thinking, I don’t have time for this. (I’m still wondering what this says about me) But my hand feels like it’s on fire. So, I googled, with my good hand, what to do if you have a burn and all the internet advice says to put it in cool water for about 20 minutes. Ok, I can do that. I grab a bowl, fill it with water and head back to my desk to continue to prepare for the week.

My husband interjects that maybe we should go to the ER, but like I said, I don’t have time to go to the emergency room tonight! So, I compromise and agree to call the telemedicine line that our insurance company provides. Long story short, we call to learn how this service works, get disconnected, I log into the system fill out the long form, while hunting and peeking as I type, because my left hand is in a bowl of water! Anyway, we waited an hour and no call, so I ordered my husband, I’m getting cranky now because my hand is on fire, to call the telemedicine line to figure out when we are getting a call back. This after I have sent him to talk to the pharmacist in town to buy something that is “good for burns.” I’ve also had him pull out fans to blow air on the wound, I’ve put aloe on it (thanks to the big aloe vera plant my friend Alice recently gave me) and  I slather it with Vaseline. All to no avail, and now my hand is starting to blister.

Ok, maybe I do have time to go to the emergency room. My poor husband does not know if he is coming or going because all this craziness is going on, (should I mention, he’s a saint for putting up with my antics) and I’m STILL TYPING AND PLANNING MY WEEK!!!, with my left hand in a bowl of water.

So, I concede, we get in the car, drive to the ER, now that’s another story, deciding which ER to go to. We arrive at the ER of choice and then we wait and wait and wait. The place is deserted and I’m wondering if there is even a doctor on staff. Keep in mind we (I) selected this ER because the wait would “probably” be shorter. At this point I must have been delirious from the pain.

Anyway, after I have my husband leave the room and check when someone is going to see me, because as I mentioned the place is practically deserted, a nice young doctor comes in for about 3 minutes, looks at my hand, decides what to do and then walks out. I’m in pain people, now I have to wait for the nurse to come in and “fix me up”.  Well long story short, well not really, a nice, young nurse come in, verifies who I am and starts asking me lots of unexpected questions, and one unexpected question of ARE YOU ON MEDICARE? WHAT, I’m in my 50’s of course I’m not on Medicare!!!!  I’ve now completely forgotten about the excruciating pain in my hand and am thinking DO I REALLY LOOK THAT OLD???  Again, I digress…

Action Step: Think of a time when you reacted in an unrealistic way and consider how you will do things differently next time.

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