Weight loss wins!

Well, we’ve made it to week two of assessing and adjusting our eating habits. I like this terminology better than dieting since it sounds more life altering.  My accountability partner and I are determined to stop the yo yo weight and make this a life change.

So, how’s it going up until this point?

Let me back track a bit.  She and I both had prior success with Weight Watchers, but we don’t have a group in our town, so we are using the Noom app.  Now, I personally have paid for the Noom subscription for the past couple of years (on the recommendation of another friend) so I’m familiar with the system.  And even though I’ve made it to the point in the system where 90% of the people reach their goal, I have managed to stay in the 10% of non-success. I wonder how they arrived at this statistic???  I’m sure the “bot” is thinking here we go again…

I have lost a little over 2 pounds and my friend’s weight has gone up and down 2 pounds, with no real movement on the number on the scale. But we both agree we are feeling better and more importantly our clothes are fitting better.  Well, I can’t speak for her but that’s an important factor for me.

I think my friend is better at logging her meals into Noom.  Me not so much.  It really does not take much time but for some reason I just don’t make it a priority.  Maybe it’s because I see how many stinking calories I’m eating.  Sounds like it’s something I need to add to my daily routine so I can get over the hump.

We are proud of our small successes and have honest conversations about how we are feeling and our challenges. Yesterday she and I went for a late afternoon walk and she was going out to dinner and was planning on ordering a bleu cheese bacon burger but was only going to eat half and a few French fries. Great idea!  She is still enjoying what she is eating but limiting the quantity.  There is her win for the day!

My husband and I did not have dinner plans and I’ve had a stomach bug, so I requested that he run to my favorite Mexican restaurant and pick up some refried beans and rice.  Now I wasn’t sure if it was what my stomach wanted but it’s good comfort food for my feelers (as another good friend says).  He also came home with tortilla chips and salsa. Ugh, now I’m going to eat those chips because they are in the house.  I have zero control when it comes to salsa and chips and even think of it as a complete meal. I pulled out 3 chips from the big bag to eat with ½ of the rice and beans he brought home.  On the first bite of my chip, I immediately noticed the grease coursing through my blood. When I walked back into the kitchen, I proceeded to put the rest of the bag of chips into the trash.  Now that’s a BIG win for me!

This morning my husband mentioned how happy my friend looked. Keep in mind we have been friends for 20 plus years and have traveled together as families and shared many significant milestones in our lives, so she is just as much his friend as she is mine.  That was nice to hear as she and I have shared our struggles with anxiety over the past year and even though we are focused on our weight, I know we will have many other benefits from this experience.

My hubby also brought me my favorite wonton soup that comes with a big bag of crispy wontons.  It was a sweet jester since I’m sure he was thinking soup might be better for her stomach than refried beans and rice, but this is another weakness so wish me luck!

Stay tuned for our progress.

Action Step: Cut your portion size in half for one meal today or add more greens to your plate.


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