Unexpected pleasures

It has been a heck of a couple of weeks, I obtained second degree burns on my left hand and it hurts like heck!

I’ve been keeping busy to avoid thinking about what my hand is going to look like when this is all said and done but there isn’t anything I can do about it right now and I have bigger things to worry about since my skin is literally peeling off!!!

Every morning my patient husband rubs cream on my hand and bandages it up.  The first day we started this routine I had him wrap each finger individually so I could type on my computer, and I actually went to a business lunch with the contraption.

Seriously what’s a person to do when they have to cut a piece of lettuce with a knife.  (I was thinking ahead).  I considered cancelling the lunch, but it was with colleagues that know me fairly well and I figured they would just think, that’s Lorna. Plus, in looking at my calendar, I couldn’t figure out when I could reschedule that week, so in my typical fashion I carried on.

Anyway, day two, I realize it might look more streamlined (I do consider myself a sort of efficiency expert, except when it comes to organizing paper or email inboxes, but that’s a topic for another time), if I (really he) would wrap all my fingers together I wouldn’t look like I had a mummy hand but it could like more like a cute white mitten.

I have my cute white mitten (it’s debatable if it’s cute, but I’m choosing to put a positive spin on it) and the next thing I know I’m walking around the house humming Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t enjoy the song and of course it was the video of my teens but why the heck am I humming Thriller now?

And then the light bulb went off, my “mitten” reminded me of Michael’s white glove.  Well one thing leads to another and then I found myself actually walking around the house and attempting to do some cool dance moves and then it dawned on me that I could learn to Moon Walk.  Now that’s a GREAT idea (or maybe I need to get out of the house more).!!!

Now it’s never been a goal of mine or even on my bucket list (the bucket list that I have in my head) to learn how to moon walk.  Not even in my teens because I took myself much too seriously back in the day, but what the heck.  Bernie (my husband) does not even acknowledge all this movement that is going on around him.  I’m trying to encourage him to join me but no way no how is he going to participate with me. For the love, he doesn’t even crack a smile.

I’m trying to learn the “moves” and he comments that I’m no Michael Jackson and it’s a HARD dance.  What??? Of course I can learn the moves, so I do what any middle aged women would do and I Google a You Tube video and the first thing that pops up is a beginners video.

I’ve watched it several times and I already think I’m making some improvement in my “moves” and more importantly I’m learning something new.  I could wallow in the fact that my hand hurts like heck, looks absolutely terrible but I’m using this opportunity to look at the bright side of things and I WILL learn to Moon Walk.

Opportunity knocks in the most unexpected ways and sometimes something will bring you joy, just because. I’m thinking, this burn was a blessing in disguise because now I will be able to add “moon walker” to my  list of skills. 😊

Action Step: Is there something that you have experienced that has helped get you out of your comfort zone or you unexpectedly found joy in doing when it was not “on your list”?  Take some time to reflect on how that made you feel. I’m thinking it was AMAZING!

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