The Thrill Of The Hunt

By Guest Blogger: Cindy Treworgy

For me…I think it’s the thrill of the hunt.  Searching for the prey, narrowing in on it…then add to cart!  Let me start by saying I am by no means a stylist.  But professional shopper…absolutely guilty!  My friends would tell you I do have a somewhat unhealthy (at least for my bank account) addiction to online shopping.  I enjoy just looking at clothes online and getting ideas, especially seeing how to style pieces that I already own.  But the hunt…that I think is the most enjoyable part.  I love helping friends find outfits they may never have considered (I’m talking to you, Lorna…and those adorable faux leather pants you were unsure of but end up loving)!

The internet has made fashion and clothing so much more accessible to all of us.  Where before you would have had to spend countless hours at the mall searching for an outfit for a special occasion, now you can easily find numerous options online.  There is quite literally something for everyone, and for every budget.  When shopping online make sure to check the websites shipping and return shipping charges (hopefully they offer both for free), as well at the return policy.  Also, consider the estimated shipping and receipt dates to make sure it fits with your timeline.  Few things can cause more anxiety than not receiving an item until the day before you wanted to wear it, only to find it doesn’t work for you.

One feature that most of the larger retailer’s offer is the option to select the model that most closely resembles your body type and clothing size.  This option will give you a much better visual of how that cute dress is actually going to look on you.  Because even though we see things that we absolutely swoon over, they might not in fact allow us to look and feel our most confident self.  Whether something is too short, shows too much (or not enough) cleavage, the bottom line is at our age we all know what works and what doesn’t work for us.  It goes without saying that you can look like you are red carpet ready in any outfit, but if you aren’t comfortable in it, and feel like it doesn’t reflect who you are, then that is what people are going to see.

Another great perk of online shopping is most sites also offer a “How to Wear IT” link on the item page that will show you various ways you can style a piece of clothing, as well as linking accessories to complete the look.  Typically, these show how you can dress the outfit up or make it more casual.  So even if you do find that perfect dress but are having difficulty justifying the cost for a “special occasion”, you might find that the dress can easily be worn in more ways than you imagined.

Instagram and social media has also made finding new styles and brands so easy.  There are so many influencers and stylists you can follow, making it is easy to find people whose style speaks to you.  Even if the influencer is much “younger”, you can still get some great ideas and figure out how to make something that looks amazing on them work for you too.  After scrolling through a couple of their stories you will get a better idea if their look appeals to you.  I admit my favorite influencers are all so different aesthetically, but I always get ideas of how I can adapt a look to make it work for me too (except for the whole cut-out trend…no, immediately no).  Most influencers are also great at letting us know when items are on sale, and other times they will post discount codes that they have been given by the retailer that you might not otherwise be aware are available.  Finding influencers who live in the same area as you is also a great way to discover new retail stores that you may never have noticed before, making it easier to shop locally.

Influencers typically link their items on the LTK app, which will take you directly to the retailer’s website.  And if the price point on that perfect dress is out of your comfort zone a great option is using the “Amazon Lens” feature on the Amazon mobile app.  Just take a screen capture, or photo, of an item and click/upload to the lens app (found on the right-hand side of the search box) and Amazon will magically search and show you similar items, at various price points.  This option is also a great way to find those accessories that you saw paired with something high end, so while you may still pay the premium for the dress you can accessorize on a budget, and no one will be the wiser.  It’s a seriously ingenious feature on Amazon that I don’t think a lot of people are aware of yet.

The bottom line is that if you see a look that you absolutely fall in love with there are so many ways to recreate it for yourself so that you own the look.  Whether you are changing the price point from designer to a more budget friendly option, or toning down a look you love but may be a little “too much” for your personal comfort zone, there are endless possibilities that are easily accessible.  I think few things give our confidence a boost as much as feeling like you are ready for your red-carpet moment…even if it is just going to the grocery store in your cutest athleisure!!!  Happy hunting!

Action Step:  When another woman gives you a compliment make sure you acknowledge it and pay it back!  Whether it’s an “I love your shoes” or “That color looks so good on you”, it lets her know that you see her too!

Cindy Treworgy “retired” in 2021 after 33 years of Government service and is currently working as a Federal Contractor.  Her passions include her family (which includes the most adorable grandson ever), her pets, and traveling.  She is looking forward to full-time retirement in a few years, so that she can explore new opportunities, wherever they may lead. 

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