The Power Of Women Helping Women

By Marianne Clyde

Several years ago, I took a vacation certification course to qualify to go scuba diving. I remember how frightening it was to put a series of lead weights around my waist and jump into the choppy water.

I jumped in, as instructed, but was having trouble with the waves splashing around my face. And the more I thought of the lead weights on the belt around my waist, the more nervous I became.

The instructor noticed that I was having trouble and she came over to me and said, “Just hold my hand and follow me.” I was immediately calm. Like magic. Just her confidence and knowledge combined with her willingness to help just snatched the fear away. Her presence and experience enabled me to enjoy ocean without fear!

Then the next day, because she offered strength to me, I was able to offer the same comfort to another frightened diver. There was a confidence that was emitting from me because I knew if I could do it, certainly anyone could. And one by one, we led each other through the experience. To this day, I remember how empowering it was for one woman to strengthen and encourage another to accomplish what we thought we could never do.

Now Lorna and I will do the same for you. We want you to dream big and have every detail of your dream come true. Whether it’s scuba diving, or traveling, or writing a book—it’s totally up to you. If you can envision it and develop a plan and take a step toward that goal, you can make it happen.

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