The Power of Purpose

By Marianne Clyde

“Knowing your purpose strengthens your sense of self; it gives you a way to explain who you are both to other people and to yourself,” according to Meg Selig, author of Changepower.

There are so many ways that having a purposeful life, or living a life of intention can help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and intellectually. Studies have shown that being purposeful about aging can provide protection against Alzheimer’s disease, heart issues, and lead to longevity, more happiness. It can even enhance your financial health and the freedom that that brings.

Living a life of intention gives you a stronger sense that you are in charge of your life, what you do, what happens to you. When you purposely include intellectual and educational pursuits, your brain is active and stimulated. When you include physical activities, your body is moving and getting stronger.

When YOU take charge of your life by making a plan and taking steps every day to fulfill that plan, you are recognizing that your strength comes from an internal locus of control. You are making the decisions. You are making the plans. You are creating your goals. Thus, you are the one determining the course of your life, rather than outside sources, such as circumstances, disabilities, the weather, other people, the economy, etc.

When I wake up each morning pursuing the goals I set, I feel happy, encouraged, accomplished, satisfaction in my own creativity. When I have a mindset of gratitude and creativity and purpose, I know that I will have no regrets about missing opportunities to create better relationships, or creating a legacy for my children. I feel empowered.

When others see you living your life full out, they can see what is possible and will be inspired to follow suit.

Sitting back and hoping the world changes, or being angry at the way things are and stewing in dissatisfaction, have the complete opposite effect. That creates stress in your body and mind, creating physical, mental and emotional issues.

When I go, I want to leave the world a better place. That’s why we, at Isn’t She Amazing, are leading a movement of women, encouraging them to dream big and live those dreams before it’s too late. Living a life of purpose and joy and love, actually raises the energy on the planet, one circle of influence at a time.

Action step: Take a few minutes to close your eyes and picture your life 10 years from now. Is that what you want it to look like? If not, write some things down that you’d like to accomplish. The very act of picturing and writing them down, moves you forward. Moving forward with intention is the goal.


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