The Death of Friends

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By Marianne Clyde

In one month’s time, I experienced the loss of 3 friends in their 50’s. THREE! One was in a head on collision when a truck unexpectedly pulled out in front of him. One was due to a puzzling dilemma with headaches. One was a suicide. Each was tragic and heartbreaking. And while each of them was completely loved by friends and family, their hopes and dreams were cut short.

This type of heart wrenching event causes me to stop, take a deep breath and consider. Consider my life. Consider my contribution to the world. Consider each interaction with those I come in contact with each day.

I think about how I spend each day. Not in order to fill my life with busy-ness, but to fill my life with purpose.

No one knows when her number will be up. We probably know people who have been given a limited number of days or months to live. I suppose that makes their finite existence on this earth very real. And yet the rest of our lives are finite as well. The difference is, we don’t have a specific number. That doesn’t mean our human-ness is not finite.

But it DOES give us an opportunity to assess our priorities. It DOES give us a chance to clarify our direction. It DOES give us an opportunity to re-think our purpose on this earth.

So, as sad as it feels to lose someone so very young as in their 50’s. We can find a wake up call in that sadness and loss.

YOU are still here. YOU can still make a difference. YOU can still make an impact bigger that you ever thought possible. But you have to DECIDE.

Obviously the clock is ticking. It seems to tick faster the older we get. That’s not to scare you. It’s to remind you. You still have time. And one day that opportunity to change the world will disappear. Don’t let that chance disappear because you were too busy whiling away your life with no clear direction and no defined purpose.

Everyday, I read over my Amazing Daily Journal, reminding me of what fabulous things I have to contribute and why, and how I plan to do it.

Every day, I read over my vision for my life and my goals.

Everyday, I get excited again to keep going. And those three deaths this month, remind me to stop wasting my time with pettiness, with un-forgiveness and annoyances and blaming. I don’t allow myself to give in to self pity or need for revenge or life-sucking anger. All those things suck from me what limited time I have left.

But love, purpose, compassion, creation, and sharing my gifts, talents and wisdom, are energizing and empowering and inspiring. They give me life. They give others life and direction.

As we decide to live our purpose TODAY, we give permission to others to do the same.

And that lifts the energy on this old weary planet. So when I go, I’m leaving this place better, happier, more loving and more productive.

Join me.

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