Taking The First Hard Step Towards Weight Loss

I have FINALLY decided to get serious about my weight loss. I gained 20 pounds since COVID, and I just can’t seem to get back to a healthy weight. At Isn’t She Amazing, we focus on taking the first step to implement a change or achieve a specific personal outcome, so I started to think, “Lorna you need to be serious about this next step and you need to just take it.”

I’ll start with a short story on how I decided on the next step for myself. A friend of mine and I decided to become accountability partners and after about a month, neither of us was seeing much headway on the scale. I went up and down within three pounds and she was making similar progress. I started my self-talk of “I’m never going to be able to do this….”  Now, that goes totally against the values that Marianne and I believe in, but I am only human and a continual work in progress.

Earlier this summer, as I was at an event hosted by a friend and was perusing the table of food (Yeah, I know, bad idea), I happened to meet a young man. I struck up a conversation with him and learned that he was my friend’s personal trainer. Now my friend has had some health issues recently and he has lost a significant amount of weight and he looks great. Hum, maybe I should get a personal trainer, I think. Being the proactive person that I am, I asked him for a business card, but he didn’t have one with him. Well, maybe I’ll ask my friend for his contact information next time we talk.

Several weeks go by and I decide to ask my friend’s assistant if she knows how much the personal trainer charges. I’m thinking, it’s likely too expensive but it won’t hurt to ask.  Unfortunately, she didn’t know the answer.

Another couple of weeks go by and I decide to take the step to ask my friend if he’s willing to share his personal trainers contact information. Of course, he says yes and sends it right over. Ugh, now I’m involving two more people in this goal of mine. I’m thinking, ok now I need to reach out to, Nick the trainer.

Again, a couple of weeks go by, and I do nothing but as I’m talking and texting to my accountability partner, I realize I need to do something. I’ve been running errands and know it’s time to really do something about getting healthier. I pull into the driveway, and text Nick and he immediately responds and says he can jump on a call. Ok, the stars are aligning on this one.

During the call, I learn that the training is within my price range. In fact, if I just don’t go out to eat with my husband once or twice it covers the cost so it’s a win/win.

As you can see, it took several steps and about a month for me to take the BIG step of hiring Nick to help me lose this weight and keep it off once and for all.

As we age and go through menopause weight gain is quite common and has many challenges.  The 5 biggest challenges or dare I say complaints are:

1.      Everything in my body seems to have shifted.

2.      I can barely eat anything.

3.      My mid-section is like a spare tire.

4.      The weekends kill me as I do good all week and am making progress and then it goes to hell and a handbasket on the weekends.

5.      Nothing seems to work.

I agree with all these points but there are women out there who have figured it out and I plan to join their ranks!

Action Step:  Make that phone call or reach out to someone who can help you get to a healthier weight.


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