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Just Be…

When I was in the beginning stages of my transition a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of “being”. Being? What is that I asked?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a doer.  I used to (well who am I kidding, I still do) gauge my days on what I accomplish rather than just “being”.

However, I am happy to say that over the past year and a half I have learned to embrace the concept of “being”, but BOY has it been a process!

If you are someone who can just “be” naturally, I truly admire you!  If not, I will share how I managed to learn to “be”.

A good friend recommended the guidebook Lunar Abundance Reflective Journal by Ezzie Spencer, PhD. to guide me through “being” and “doing” days based on the lunar cycles.  Now, I was aware that the moon cycles influence many aspects of the environment and moods, but what the heck does that have to do with “being”?  In the back of my mind, I was thinking what does this have to do with my getting answers?!

I was not in a great state of mind, so I was game to try something new.

In my mind I needed to get started ASAP, because I needed ANSWERS so I could move onto my next!

So, I took the next logical step and logged into my Amazon account and ordered the journal so I could have it delivered the next day.

I received the book and the concept seemed easy enough.  My friend was kind enough to develop a spreadsheet (as a financial person, I LOVE spreadsheets) that listed out the lunar calendar for the month and identified which were “being” and “doing” days.  The general concept was to set an intention for the month at the beginning of the moon cycle.

The goal was to decide on an area of your life that you what to work on or focus on for the month.

Being my overly optimistic self, I wrote my intention for the month and thought it was pretty good but halfway through the month, I realized it would realistically take me months upon months to make any headway on my intention!!!  Here I go again, not doing the “being” thing very well!

My friend was kindly (and patiently) checking in on me and suggested we meet to discuss this unrealistic intention of mine. She was kind enough not to use those words, but I sensed I needed a serious reset. So, with her help I regrouped, and she helped me develop an intention that I could realistically focus on for the remainder of the month.

I was successful after my first month and saw first-hand how “being” and “doing” days might just help me accomplish and determine my “next”. It is a new way of thinking for me, and I am finding that I am more intentional with my days and I’m finding that on my “being” days I’m working through things in my mind and solving issues because I’m giving myself the space to just think and am not running a million miles an hour.

I am happier and I am taking the time to breath and really look around and enjoy the day.

“Being” is a matter of being intentional and at first can seem like work, but I honestly believe it’s helping me get to where I need to be.

Keep following the blog as we delve deeper into the importance of intention setting and prioritizing “BEING.”

Our upcoming Isn’t She Amazing Workshop will also help you put the tools in place to help intentionally plan your days to help you LIVE your BEST life for the REST of your life!

Action Step: Take time today to pause and intentionally think about something you would like to focus on in the next month and write it down.

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