Now What?

As we enter the later stages of our work life, many women are thinking, NOW WHAT? Many of us have raised families, had successful careers and are generally happy but feel like there is something more.

We are starting to consider retirement and wonder what that will look like. I personally find that when interacting with my friends and colleagues, the conversation often goes to the question of what we want to do when we “retire.” The thought of leisurely days reading, taking walks, gardening, and/or starting a new hobby seems very appealing but we continually ask but will it be enough?

The question of NOW WHAT brings up lots of more specific questions. I like my job enough but is there more? Who am I now that I am an empty nester? Am I defined by my title? What do I want to change in this world? What am I passionate about?

Many of us have been on autopilot for years and have put our wants and desires on the backburner for our family and/or career. The reality that time is indeed running out as we are in the later stages of life is both unsettling and exciting. We are finally at the stage of having the luxury of considering “what could be” but as exciting as that is it is also unsettling and, dare I say, a LOT SCARY!

If you are anything like me, you want the answers to these questions NOW, but I have discovered it is a process. There is a lot of advice out there, and I’ve found that it just takes time to noodle through all the information to determine what will help YOU. BUT the one thing I have learned is that it can be easy to overthink what could be, and at some point, you need to just take the LEAP and try SOMETHING.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not, but at least you will be one step closer to figuring it out. So, take the first step, if it makes you happy you will be AMAZING at whatever it is you decide to try.

Action Step: Write down three ideas of what you want this next stage of your life to look like and take that first step to your AMAZING next!


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