Importance of Hydration for Optimal Health

Guest blogger Tiffany Rhodes-Morris

Did you know that water (proper hydration) is a critical component of your body, making up between 55-60% of your weight? Since our bodies are unable to store water, unlike our ability to store fat, we need to replenish it OFTEN. Drinking 64oz of water each day (in eight 8oz increments, so it doesn’t seem so daunting), is a core habit of health. You may not realize this, but we actually lose nearly 12 cups of water everyday: through Perspiration (2 cups), URINE (6 cups), BREATHING (2-4 cups), and through the SOLES of our feet (nearly 1 cup)!!

Water plays a leading role in supporting our overall health; particularly during weight loss. Water helps remove toxins and other unhealthy substances that are stored in our fat cells. Keeping our bodies well-hydrated helps keep all of our organs and system functions in proper working order. Actually, every function of our body takes place in water. It’s the solvent that moves antibodies, nutrients, oxygen, and hormones through our bloodstream and lymphatic system, and removes waste.

If you are feeling tired, have trouble thinking, develop a headache, or notice that your urine is darker than usual; these are usually late-stage signs that you need to drink more water. Don’t let “being thirsty” determine your water intake. Thirst is a late warning symptom of dehydration.

Action Step: Start increasing your water intake at designated times during the day. For example before each meal, or before a snack. Make it a priority.

Tiffany Rhodes-Morris: After struggling with her weight, her entire life, Tiffany finally found a program that worked for her. She learned it was not just about losing weight but changing her mindset regarding food. After losing over sixty pounds she has maintained her weight loss for almost 2 years by implementing Healthy Habits that she learned along the way. She knew she needed to pay this gift forward by helping and coaching others, so they too could reach and maintain their optimal weight.

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