I’ll Have What She’s Having!

By Marianne Clyde

You know how you can hang around certain people and you just feel like, “Wow! I’ll have what SHE’S having!” (Just like “When Harry Met Sally.)

There are other people you can be with and you feel like, “Yawn.” or “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old, same old…” Then with other you feel edgy, and want o scream, “Shut up! Stop talking! No one cares!” And in the presence of others you just feel confused, or bored, or incompetent.

I’ve worked with many coaches over the years. And paid some big bucks for their insights. Some were really smart, but really awful at coaching. I felt incompetent in their presence. They seemed to get great results but couldn’t convey to me how to do what they did to get those results. In the presence of others, I felt completely empowered and able to do anything. I felt brave and courageous and capable. Those were the ones that helped me move ahead by leaps and bounds because of their coaching.

I think the difference is that the empowering ones asked questions and didn’t just spout directions.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who was always spouting information and directions and advice, but never really stopped to ask what YOU think about a situation? How YOU think you should solve a problem. What YOU have already tried?

I blossom most when someone treats me like I’m already capable and smart and insightful. And asks questions that lead me deeper into me, enabling me to pull out the answers that are already in there. I respond best to coaches who exude energy that is authentic and confident and inspiring. They are already doing what they want to do; they don’t need my money; they don’t have to assume that I don’t know anything to make themselves feel smarter. They know I have everything within me to overcome any obstacle. They just help me believe in myself and draw out the wisdom that’s already there.

In my opinion, that’s what makes a great coach (or a great therapist for that matter). They help you rediscover what you already know. They help you release the magic that’s inside of you. Sometimes you just have to unlearn stuff that’s been forced upon you by society, religion, family history, often by well meaning people who are just insecure and fearful, thinking they have your best interests in mind.

Working with a coach that will help you sort through the chaos and confusion can be absolutely freeing, giving you the permission you’ve been craving, to just be who you know you can be. Working with THAT kind of coach is like a breath of fresh air. They don’t force new ways of doing things on you; they help you remember who you really are and give you the confidence and courage to be what you were created to be.

Then they rejoice with you as you AMAZE yourself with how AMAZING you really are.

And what a victory that is. To make the world a better place just by being YOU. The world needs you.

Action Step: If you want to feel empowered and inspired, and have a supportive group walk with you through the chaos and confusion, to a place of clarity and productivity, join one of our mastermind groups. It will absolutely change your life. So YOU can change the world.


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