I Was Stuck On Pause…

By Marianne Clyde

I was stuck on pause.

Frozen in time.

All forward motion in my life had ceased.

I had been attacked and left for dead by my ex-husband of 20+ years. I had been in and out of therapy with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorder, insomnia and nightmares.”

[This is a testimonial by a former client who found herself in a transition she never expected to be making. She had to find healing, a new perspective on life, and learn how to move forward essentially from scratch.]

“I got through my days with Ativan, afraid to go to sleep and dream. My life was a 1000- piece puzzle swirling around a wind tunnel refusing to come together and make me whole again.

Then I found Marianne.

I knew right away she was going to help me. I felt safe and encouraged to uncover everything to put the pieces together. I found answers.

I found ground zero where it all began and took my life back.

I have been able to deal with any anxiety now without medication.

Sleep is returning. I have a new normal that I like very much.

Marianne Clyde operates outside of the box. She respected my beliefs and didn’t push anything on me I did not want or couldn’t handle. That’s what made my work with her so healing.

I’m not frightened by the things that have happened to me anymore. We put the puzzle together and I feel a peace I haven’t felt in a long time.

Healing my physical wounds has been very straightforward. A logical predetermined order. Healing my heart and soul and the very essence of who I am has been a long journey. I never gave up and I eventually found Marianne. I was able to say I’m done. I’m ready to take my new normal for a spin.

With Marianne’s help I feel like I’m finally the real me.”

Lorna and I not only help women through transitions, but we feel like we actually give birth to stars. We see each woman as a star already who has acquired skills and talents and experience that no other person in the world has. She is unique and has an enormous gift to give to the world. We help her shine her brightest in this present stage of her life. We help her LAUNCH into a brighter future and surround her with a community of like-minded women throughout the first year. #womenhelpingwomen

We do this through our yearlong Mastermind Groups. Current groups forming for July.

We are looking for a limited number of women who know that it’s time to move forward in their lives and want to create a future for themselves that is BIG, BOLD and BODACIOUS! They see the darkness in the world and want to join together with others that will shine their light to make the world a better place.

The world is SO terribly in need of what you have to offer. We will join hands with you to empower you to move forward.

Your life will not be the same.

Action step: If you are ready, inquire here for more details: https://www.isntsheamazing.com/coaching


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