Every “Spend” is an INVESTMENT

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by Marianne Clyde

I was at a store the other day and as I was paying, the checkout guy said, “Cha-ching. It goes fast, doesn’t it?”

I replied, “It’s just an investment and it comes back 100 times.”

He just smiled.

So for the last few days I’ve been thinking about spending money, using money, the role of money and the value of money. In a recent blog Are You Asking or Apologizing I touched on our view of money and how we seem to be afraid to ask for it.

I’m seeing how our view of money can stop our flow. Not just our flow of money, but our flow in everything. Money is energy. It affects every area of our lives.

Any time we block our flow of energy anywhere, we are stunted in our growth, our performance, our relationships, our health, our creativity. Any time we are tight fisted or in fear, we constrict our energy.

It’s why it’s so important for us to keep track of what keeps us stifled. Whether it’s stifling beliefs, unhealthy thought patterns, beliefs that no longer serve us, or relationships that pull us down, we need to learn to let go of what’s not working in order to replace it with truer, more empowering beliefs and situations.

When we begin to see money as an energy and a tool to make the world better, a shift happens in your whole outlook.

If we begin to see every dollar out as an investment that comes back to us in a bigger better way, everything gets better.

Stop complaining about how expensive everything is and be grateful that you can invest in food that makes your body healthy, supports the workers at the store, helps the store be more successful, is a blessing to the farmers that grow it, factories that provide jobs for people and supports families. All of a sudden a few hundred dollars isn’t much of an expenditure, it’s an investment making the world a better place.

If you give your money to a charity you’re not just “doing your part” by giving so they can spend your money. You are feeding hungry children; you re stopping human trafficking; you are helping a non-profit expand their effectiveness, you are bringing joy and health and life to the world.

When you buy furniture, you are not just spending whatever little you can to fill up an empty spot at your house, you are making your life easier and more comfortable, so you can thrive. Not to mention, giving jobs to people, feeding families, creating beauty.

Every penny you invest in your life, in the world, in things, in a home, in taxes, think of how you are allowing others to live a more productive life and bringing joy and how those blessings come back to you.

I personally am happy to invest money in personal coaching and networking opportunities, and travel, and charities and in things that make my life happier, more beautiful, more exciting and more powerful. Not only am I pleasing myself and growing and learning, but every dollar I invest also reaps benefits for many others.

Of course, every investment is not necessarily linear; but when you sow seeds, you will reap a harvest. If you live a generous life with a wise, open hand, blessing will come back in ways you can even begin to imagine.

Action Step: Spend some time journaling how every dollar you spend might not only help you in various ways but how it also helps others. Then be aware of your intention with each expenditure. Consciously extending blessings every day just might change your world.

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