Drinking Poison

a bottle of essential oil sitting on a cloth

By Marianne Clyde

A little bit of poison each day couldn’t hurt, right? I mean, if it’s pretty subtle and everyone is doing it, it should be fine.

Do you remember the scene from “The Help” movie in which Minny presents Hilly with her “special” pie with it’s secret ingredient? If you didn’t see it, here’s the link.

The truth is, we swallow a lot of Minny’s secret ingredient every day. And we never even notice, because it tastes so good and satisfying that we don’t even detect the $#!&. We do this in our thoughts and actions.

We hate other people. We devise plans to “get back” at others who have hurt us, betrayed us, humiliated us. And we justify our actions because “They deserved it.”

I’m here to tell you that when you harbor unforgiveness or any negative emotion, you have made yourself a pie out of your own $#!& because it feels satisfying for a moment.

But the truth is, it’s just like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Meanwhile, they don’t even know or care that you are so carefully crafting a way to get back at them.

All you are doing is attracting more $#!& into your own life. YOU are the one that suffers from stress and tension. YOU have the tightness in your chest. YOU have the indigestion or the digestive problems. And those little things turn into big things.

And the real TRUTH IS, you are doing it to yourself. Not only are you making yourself miserable [no, they are not the ones making you miserable, YOU are] but you are stealing from yourself. You cannot manifest your dreams; you cannot create abundance; you cannot move on with your life. Do you know why?

Because somehow, in some way, you are depending on the actions of someone else to make you feel better; and anytime you give that privilege to someone else, that other person has control over your life. And YOU gave it to them.

You absolutely MUST let that go. Not because their actions didn’t hurt you, but because you are giving your power away to live a happy life. You don’t need revenge. They ultimately attract back to themselves the same things they dish out. You don’t have to do that.

We ALL attract to ourselves the things we focus on. So choose to focus on love. Choose to focus on peace. Choose to focus on doing good. Choose joy and abundance. Do that. You are the only one responsible for you. Take better care of yourself and put the poison away.

Action Step: Make a choice to forgive whatever wrong that has been done to you immediately. And make a conscious effort to focus and do more of what you want in life. NEVER give your power away to anyone else whether “they deserve it” or not.

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