Don’t Be A Lady, Be A Legend

By Marianne Clyde

What do Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Marie Curie and YOU have in common? They and many others have achieved incredible results in their lives and literally changed the world.

How does a woman (or anyone) become a legend? Here are a few things that they have in common:

  • They have a clear vision of where they are going.
  • They have a solid set of values that they follow no matter what.
  • They tend to be more “for something” than “against something” and that focus keeps them motivated to move forward.
  • They courageously pursue what they think is right.
  • They have obstacles to overcome, that they blast through because they focus on the ultimate benefit rather than the obstacle.

They have a VARIETY of accomplishments. You can be a legend in any area you are drawn to.

They have differing beliefs. There is no one set of values or beliefs that you need to accomplish great things.

This is why diversity of values, thoughts and backgrounds is necessary. Not everyone needs to focus on the same thing. But TOGETHER they change the world.

Remember they stay FOCUSED on the outcome they want instead of their opposition or detractors and obstacles.

YOU, too, can become a legend in your field of interest and passion.

You need these things:

  • A vision of where you are going.
  • A plan to get there.
  • A set of guiding principles and values.
  • A willingness to stay focused on the outcome.
  • And you need to take one step after another. Every. Day.

Action Step: Start with the above items. If you need help and support, sign up for our SIGNATURE WORKSHOP to clarify your purpose and plan!


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