Being Smart has nothing to do with it.

by Marianne Clyde

We were sitting at a gorgeous resort chatting about how productive she is being.

It’s amazing really. She trains women and coaches women in her field how to run their various projects a a business. She has several businesses going at the same time. Businesses with purpose. Businesses that make the world a better place in so many different ways.

People admire her. She gets stuff done. She’s finishing up her second book as we speak.

You know she said wistfully, “For as smart as I am and as hard as I work, I should be swimming in money!”

Ah yes, I felt that. Do you feel that?

We are smart women. We have so much to offer. We are constantly busy. We get stuff done. Yet, where is the financial payoff?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get the feel good payoffs. We are proud of ourselves. We love the accolades and awards. We like people to admire us.

But where is the MONEY?!?

We play with manifesting, praying, expecting, hoping. We are doing everything right. What the #@%$? Where are the REAL results?

This started a deep and meaningful conversation about why most women (most people, in fact) aren’t really making the money they want and deserve.

The reason is that so many of us are coming from a place of FEAR. We are desperate and the more we pray and demand and stomp our feet and know how AMAZING we are; the more we “close our eyes tight and manifest, manifest, manifest; the more we think good thoughts and hope and expect, we are clogging the system with anger, disappointment, fear, resentments. What are we resentful and fearful about?


There you have it. Your focus is YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY!

And if you’ve been following me for ANY amount of time, you know by now that WHAT YOU FOCUS ON INCREASES.

So if it makes you feel any better, YOU are on target with your prayers and your manifestations. But you need to CHANGE YOUR TARGET.

Be still. Stop trying so hard. Stop obsessing.

Yup, believe me I know. It’s easier said than done. But not really. Not once you get the hang of it.

You must live in the feeeeeeeling of having what you want. We spend more than 80% of our time obsessing and working and changing the plan and trying something new and usually less that 20% feeling about actually having it.

When you truly KNOW something, you no longer panic about it. When you really KNOW something you just rest in that knowledge.

Have you ever panicked about the sun coming up tomorrow? Of course not. THAT’s the feeling you want to generate about money coming in.

Of COURSE you are smart and talented and gifted. You were created to be that. But you were also created to flow in the energy and spirit of your created. Do you every see that energy panicking? No.

Begin by practicing NOTICING when your energy is feeling desperate, or angry or stuck or actually ANYthing negative, acknowledge it. Affirm that the feeling is normal and probably even justified. But then gently remind yourself that if you really want to get what you want, that negative feeling is the absolute antithesis of what will get you want to want. Then drop it like a hot potato and start FEELING grateful for ANYTHING. Start doing something physical that will change your energy. Go for a walk. Think of someone you adore; focus on the face and pay attention to how you feel inside…stay there. And be thankful for that which you want is on it’s way.

It’s so easy to slip into old unhealthy and unproductive patterns. That’s why we have mastermind groups or coaching groups, workshops and individual coaching sessions. We NEED each other to hold us up when we feel weak and discouraged. To remind us how AMAZING we are. But not only that, but we need to be reminded that the world needs what we have to offer and you can’t just give up!

Action Step: Email me directly at to inquire about what might be the best fit for you and we will get you scheduled. Or if you are just beginning on this journey and need to get focused and create a plan, our workshop is the perfect starting place. You can register NOW here.

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