Are you Asking or Apologizing?

by Marianne Clyde

It breaks my heart to watch people who really want to make the world a better place and yet they are still living in a poverty mentality. Somehow society has convinced them that making money, asking for money and spending money is somehow evil.

No WONDER so many people have trouble raising money.

You need money to build a school but you approach people timidly with your hat in your hand sort of apologizing but you know (shrug) buildings don’t build themselves. Our asks are apologies, not asks.

Non-profit…the work itself give people the idea that having money is wrong, needing money is evil.

Money is simply an energy. A tool. Try building a house without a hammer. Try buying food without money. Try finding a doctor if you can’t pay.

We trap our world changers into an impossible fix. We tell them “Go change the world, feed hungry kids, stop human trafficking, heal diseases, develop clean water projects…

But whatever you do don’t expect people to give you money.”

Every non-profit I’ve ever been involved in, including the one I founded many years ago, Be the Change Foundation…every single one struggles for donations.  Including the ones I contribute to regularly even now. Because somehow, we’ve got a weird view of money.

Everyone wants to be rich but no one says it. Everyone needs money to buy what they need but somehow it’s not polite or spiritual to ask for it, or have a lot of it.

The world is choking and dying and we glance at them and shake our heads and say, Bless his heart.

Well that’s bullshit.

Teach them how to talk about money. Teach them that money is as spiritual as prayers. We should be magnets for money when we are doing good in the world. Money and blessings should be pouring our so much that we cant contain them, but they are not.

Why? Because we are confused about how to unblock the flow.

Join our Incubator/Mastermind groups and shake free from the mixed messages of the world and get out there and make a difference.

Action Step: Take a few minutes to examine your views on money; does it flow like you would like? Examine your beliefs about your personal effectiveness. Is there something blocking you? If you really want to release those blockages, sign up for our Mastermind and see if a group of like minded women can inspire you to do just that. Inquire here.


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