All this over a martini

by Marianne Clyde

A lot of good things in my life have happened over martinis. Including brainstorming with my business partner, Lorna.

Shortly after we first started getting together and she sat and listened attentively to my long rambling weird story about my vision of women becoming supernovas, I could tell her brain was trying to make sense of it while she was thinking to herself, “what the hell?”

But she listened. She caught the vision. My vision and her vision collided to create Isn’t She Amazing. She is clearly one of my people.

I said so we are going to launch our new company by jumping out of an airplane. She didn’t bat an eye, she said that sounds awesome (at the same time she was thinking, holy $#!% this woman is nuts!)

We love to talk about deep things, weird things, things that don’t exist yet, except in our minds.

Dreams that most people would scoff at. Goals that make people shake their heads as if they didn’t hear clearly.

Personal things that really hurt.

Funny things that make you giggle til you can’t stop.

Together we believe that we can live our most exciting life ever and create a group of women who think like we do…as weird as that might be. And they, too want to make a big impact on this world before they leave it.

What is YOUR dream? Let us know.

Action Step: Meet a friend for coffee or lunch or a drink and discuss something meaningful and make something happen! If you want some help, join our workshops or masterminds and change the world with some AMAZING women.

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